Elementary Statics

This page provides a set of links to notes (with example problems) and equation sheets in elementary statics (often referred to as engineering mechanics – statics). The topics covered are those typically covered in a statics course in engineering curricula.


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  2. F.B. Beer and E.R. Johnston, Jr., Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Statics, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1977.
Cables Supporting a Weight, W

Notes with Example Problems

  1. Scalars and Vectors
  2. Parallelogram Law of Vector Addition
  3. Vector Components and Vector Addition in Two Dimensions
  4. Vector Components and Vector Addition in Three Dimensions
  5. Position Vectors, Unit Vectors, and Forces Acting Along Lines
  6. Dot (Scalar) Product of Two Vectors
  7. Static Equilibrium of a Particle in Two and Three Dimensions
  8. Moments of Forces and the Cross Product of Two Vectors
  9. Moment of a Force about an Axis
  10. Force Couples
  11. Equivalent Force Systems
  12. Centroids of Areas
  13. Equivalent Force Systems for Distributed Loads
  14. Static Equilibrium of a Rigid Body
  15. Truss Analysis in Two Dimensions
  16. Frames and Machines in Two Dimensions
  17. Internal Forces in Structural Members
  18. Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams
  19. Dry Friction
  20. Moments of Inertia of Areas

Equation Sheets

  1. Equation Sheet #1 – Trigonometry and Two Dimensional Vectors
  2. Equation Sheet #2 – Three Dimensional Vectors, Dot Product, Resultant Force
  3. Equation Sheet #3 – Particle Equilibrium, Cross Product, Moments of Forces
  4. Equation Sheet #4 – Moments of Couples, Equivalent Force Systems, Rigid Body Equilibrium
  5. Equation Sheet #5 – Shear and Moment Diagrams, Dry Friction, Area Moments of Inertia