Introductory Control Systems

Below are a set of links to notes, examples, exercises, and equation sheets on elementary control systems. The topics covered are those typically covered in a first course in control systems in engineering curricula. Selected examples are included in the notes. Some schools also cover state-space methods. An introduction to state-space methods is provided at the end of the Notes section.

Reference: Dorf & Bishop, Modern Control Systems, 12th edition, Prentice-Hall, Inc, 2011

ME360Figure Roll Angle Control
Aircraft Roll Angle Control

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Introduction to Control Systems

  1. Introduction to Control Systems
  2. Control Systems Terminology

Proportional Control of the Position of a Spring-Mass-Damper System

  1. Position Control of Spring-Mass-Damper using Proportional Control
  2. Plotting a Step Response Using MATLAB

Control of Spring-Mass-Damper Position using PID Control

PID Control of a Spring-Mass-Damper Position

Implementation of PID Controllers using Operational Amplifiers

Implementation of PID Controllers in Electronic Circuits