Introductory Motion Control

This page contains links to introductory notes and exercises on motion control. The focus is on hydraulic systems, but the control system concepts apply equally well to other technologies (e.g. electro-mechanical, pneumatic)

Reference: Dorf & Bishop, Modern Control Systems, 12th edition, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 2011

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ME 4710 Figure Simulink Model of Closed Loop Hydraulic Actuator


Introduction to Motion Control

Introduction to Hydraulic Actuation Systems

  1. Hydraulic Actuation System Components
  2. Simple Hydraulic Circuits
  3. Pressure Data Acquisition Software
  4. Hydraulic Positioning System I
  5. Hydraulic Positioning System II

Electro-mechanical Actuation

Armature Controlled DC Motor Transfer Functions

Root Locus Analysis

  1. What is a Root Locus Diagram?
  2. Using MATLAB for Root Locus Analysis
  3. PID Control of a Spring-Mass-Damper Position: Root Locus
  4. PID Control of a Hydraulic Actuator: Root Locus

Frequency Domain Analysis with Bode Diagrams

  1. Frequency Domain Analysis
  2. Bode Diagram of a 2nd Order System
  3. SMD Position Control: Analysis Summary (including Bode and Root Locus diagrams)

Compensator Design

  1. Introduction to Compensator Design
  2. Characteristics of Phase-Lead and Phase-Lag Compensators
  3. Phase Lead Compensator Design
  4. Frequency Response Design of a Phase Lead Compensator
  5. Root Locus Design of a Phase Lead Compensator
  6. Phase Lag Compensator Design
  7. Frequency Response Design of a Phase Lag Compensator
  8. Root Locus Design of a Phase Lag Compensator
  9. PID Compensator Summary
  10. Using Pre-filters to Obtain ITAE Optimal Response

Control Effort and Saturation

  1. Control Effort
  2. Saturation, Pre-Filters, Motion Trajectories, and Feedforward

Integrator Wind-up, Saturation, and Noise Filters

  1. Integrator Wind-up
  2. PID Root Locus Design with a First Order Noise Filter

Data Acquisition, System Identification and Simulation

  1. Introduction to System Identification
  2. MATLAB System Identification Toolbox GUI
  3. MATLAB System Identification Process Model GUI
  4. Data Acquisition Software for Step Excitation
  5. Hydraulic Positioning System III

Proportional Closed-Loop Hydraulic Actuator Control

  1. Closed Loop Hydraulic Positioning System
  2. Closed Loop Proportional Control Software for Hydraulic Actuation System

Digital Control of Continuous Systems

  1. Introduction to Digital Control of Continuous Systems
  2. Sampled Data
  3. Z Transforms and the Zero-Order-Hold
  4. Continuous and Equivalent Discrete Transfer Functions
  5. Rationale of the Tustin Approximation
  6. Example: Digital Phase-Lead Control of a Spring-Mass-Damper
  7. Weighted Sled System
  8. Example: Digital Phase-Lead Control of a Weighted Sled System
  9. Closed-Loop, Phase-Lead Control Software
  10. Discrete Root Locus Analysis of a Weighted Sled System

Differential Equations and Difference Equations

Difference Equations and Approximate Solutions to Differential Equations

Equation Sheets (from Introductory Control Systems)

  1. Equation Sheet #1
  2. Equation Sheet #2
  3. Equation Sheet #3 – Step Response Plots

Exercises (answers included)

  1. Exercises #1 – Basic Hydraulic Circuits
  2. Exercises #2 – Basic System Modeling and Control
  3. Exercises #3 – Pre-filters, ITAE Optimal Response, Control Effort
  4. Exercises #4 – Phase Lead Compensator Design Using Bode Diagrams
  5. Exercises #5 – Phase Lag Compensator Design Using Bode Diagrams